Why Us

Sprint IT is an software development company that offers programming, web design, E-Commerce Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Service with immense experience.


    Our Vision is to provide top quality services in the fields of Web Development, Application Development, Open Source Customization, Business Consulting, Online Marketing Consultation and Web Designing everything under one-roof.


    We will achieve success by adopting transparent and honest business practices thereby generating immense goodwill with clients, employees, our vendors and society we operate in.


    Triple Bottom Line Criteria: We seek long-term success for our organization.
    Dignity: Integrity, Honor and Pride. We honor our Commitments.
    Customers Focus: We deliver measurable Business Value.
    Solution Orientation: We treat each problem as a first step towards finding a solution.



Web Design & Development

We are not here to just make web sites; we build a corporate image of your company in such a way that it leaves a very positive impression to clients visiting your website.

Software Development

Powerful and robust software is highly preferred for developing business based applications. We believe in serving clients with the services which are reliable and secure.

Ecommerce Solution

We creates comprehensive ecommerce application, providing robust ecommerce software, ecommerce hosting, gateway and merchant account services, hosting, all under one roof.

Server & Network Management

We are design, install, administer, and optimize company servers, networks and related components to achieve high performance of the various business applications supported.


This is the very first stage of the development. It usually includes such important processes as creation of the detailed specification of the system capability, timeline defining, computational processes types determination, identification of the specific operational scenarios.

Documents: System and Operations Concept document, System Concept Review, System Requirements Review.

At the next stage the information about project requirements and specifications is being analyzed by "Sprint IT" project management. This stage also includes the identification of the reusable architectures, designs, codes and approaches.

This stage involves the definition of the software architecture and optimum design selection. All the project requirements are organized into major subsystems.

Documents: Preliminary Design Report, Preliminary Design Review.

This iteration is fully based on the previous one and involves such important processes as elaboration of the preliminary design to produce “code-to” specifications, creation of the project functional (object-oriented design diagrams) and identification of the operational procedures. Also the descriptions for all user input, system output, input/output files are being defined. The stage involves also processes concerning all the units of the project: functional and procedural descriptions of each unit are determined and all the internal unit's interfaces are described.

Documents: Implementation Plan, Detailed Design Document, Critical Design Review.

The implementation stage includes coding of the components from design specifications, revision of the existing components to meet new requirements, integration of the components into the system. Also at this stage different levels of software testing are being performed: unit and integration testing, testing of each subsystem, testing of the complete working system.

Documents: Implementation Plan, The User's Guide Draft.

This stage includes testing of the completely integrated system. If any bugs uncovered by system tests arise, they are corrected.

Documents: The User's Guide Draft, Initial System Description Document.

The final version of the software is being tested. If any bugs uncovered by the previous stages arise, they are corrected.

Documents: Acceptance Test Plan, Test Results Report, User's Guide, System Description.

The final stage of the software development process includes the identification of support and maintenance requirements and development of the help desk.

Documents: Patch Releases, Test Results Report, Software Upgrades.



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